Volunteer Author Highlights: Hall Offers Tips For Older Drivers

TexasBarBooks volunteer authors become so by being proven leaders in their area of practice. In this series, we highlight their legal contributions beyond the expertise they lend to our practice materials.

In his article “Older Drivers”  Russell W. Hall covers Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas Department of Motor Vehicles procedures unique to older drivers and offers tips and resources for older drivers, their families and their agents under powers of attorney.  The author covers current requirements for maintaining a Texas drivers’ license, resources for assessing an older driver’s skills, circumstances under which drivers may be disqualified for holding a license, and examples of and possible remedies for temporary deficits that may affect driving skill.

Since 2014 Russell W. Hall, J.D., LL.M (Tax) has served the State Bar of Texas as the volunteer editor and project director of the Texas Probate System.



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