Volunteer Author Highlights: Daniel D. Horowitz Encourages Awareness and Advocacy for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Support

TexasBarBooks volunteer authors become so by being proven leaders in their area of practice. In this series, we highlight their legal contributions beyond the expertise they lend to our practice materials.

Many lawyers become overwhelmed by such problems as stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse.  In his article, “Know the Signs, Save a Life,” Daniel D. Horowitz describes the prevalence of these issues within the legal profession.  The author encourages increased awareness and action to improve and save lives of Texas lawyers.

Included with the article is a video from the Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program that features tools for identifying these issues and stories from attorneys who found help through the program.

Daniel D. Horowitz, III, PC serves the State Bar of Texas as volunteer author of the Texas Pattern Jury Charges: General Negligence, Intentional Personal Torts and Workers’ Compensation.  The new 2018 edition of that volume will be available around January 1st.



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