Volunteer Author Highlights: Boston Encourages Lawyers to Learn From Churchill’s Communication Methods

Library of Congress, Public Domain

In his article “The Power of Words,” author and attorney Talmage Boston describes the methods for effective public speaking used by Churchill and encourages lawyers to incorporate them into their own presentations.

Key components in Churchill’s speech-composition and speaking method include his “scaffolding of rhetoric,” the importance of resolute honesty, and the need to inspire, entertain and connect with the audience. Relying on accounts from Andrew Roberts’ celebrated biography of Britain’s eminent prime minister, Churchill: Walking with Destiny, Boston gives detailed descriptions of Churchill’s communication methods and many anecdotes illustrating the prime minister’s uses of these key components.

“Whether the person receiving one’s communication is a judge, juror, client, or opposing counsel, for a message to have the desired impact, it had better be direct, clear, trustworthy, and engaging.  No one touched these four bases and scored better than Winston Churchill,” Boston writes.  “Although not a lawyer, Churchill used his communication skills to effect the most positive impact on world history in the modern era. Exactly how he did what he did with his word power is worthy of emulation by those in the legal profession.”

Talmage Boston is a partner in the Dallas office of Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton and the author of Raising the Bar: The Crucial Role of the Lawyer in Society.


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