Trailblazer Louise Raggio Passes Away

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TexasBarBooks is sad to report that Louise Raggio, a pioneer among the state’s early female lawyers, died on January 23. Many of the impressive achievements of Ms. Raggio’s career were chronicled in the book Rough Road to Justice, published by TexasBarBooks. One such achievement was her election to the State Bar’s Board of Directors in 1979:

It was customary to present the new board members a gift. Raggio received a gift that was identical to that of the male officers—a pair of gold cuff links engraved with the seal of the State Bar. Apparently no thought had been given to an appropriate gift for a woman since there had never been a female director. Raggio came up with a solution by putting her cuff links on a chain and wearing them around her neck. She was later given a gold pendant with the State Bar insignia, but she kept the cuff links as her “badge of acceptance.”

Ms. Raggio’s contributions to Texas law and women’s rights will always be appreciated, and we extend our condolences to her family during this time.

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