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How much does a subscription cost?

The cost of an online subscription varies depending on which product you subscribe to and whether you subscribe on a monthly or a yearly basis. Learn about these pricing options here, where you can also watch a video demonstration and read about the features and benefits the online subscription offers.

When you’re ready to subscribe, you may follow the links on that page or immediately below:

How does payment work?

If you purchase an annual subscription, the subscription period will extend for one year from the date you submit your credit card payment information. The subscription fee is nonrefundable. Unless you cancel your subscription, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be billed each year on or about the date you originally submitted your payment information. A reminder notice to renew will appear on the homepage of TexasBarCLE.com thirty days before your subscription expires.

If you purchase a monthly subscription, the subscription period will extend for one month from the date you submit your credit card information. Unless you cancel your subscription, your credit card will be billed automatically on or around the same day of the month as the date of your initial subscription.

Is there a contract, or can I cancel at any time?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting texasbarbooksonline.com and using the “Manage My Subscriptions” link on that page, or by calling the Sales Desk at 800-204-2222 ext. 1411 or 512-427-1411 (in Austin), or emailing us at salesdesk@texasbar.com; however, subscription fees you have already paid are nonrefundable. The subscription is nontransferable.

I own a current version of the hard copy. Can I access the online subscription for free?

The online subscription is a separate product and must be purchased separately. Owners of the hard copy may, however, use the digital download for free (see the “How to Download This Manual” tab in your hard copy).

Using the Website

How do I access the site once I’m a subscriber?

After you subscribe, whenever you are logged in at TexasBarCLE.com, a link for your online subscriptions (titled TexasBarBooks Online) will appear on the homepage under the My Online Benefits section in the middle column. Simply click the link and you will be taken to the online subscription homepage. Use this TexasBarCLE.com portal each time you want to access TexasBarBooks Online.

Are there tutorials available on how to use the website?

I have used the manual’s digital download installed on my computer before. How is the online subscription different, and what advantages does it provide?

As with the standard digital download, the online subscription has the same great content created by committees of Texas’ finest lawyers over four decades. The website includes:

  • the text of the entire publication
  • editable forms in MS Word
  • Texas and federal case and statutory citations are linked to the Casemaker database
  • forms available from state or federal agencies as PDF files

A significant advantage of the online subscription is that it’s accessible without downloading any files to your computer, so it’s easy to access from your PC, your tablet, your smart phone, and even others’ computers. All you need to do is log in to your TexasBarCLE account and start using the product.

Is the online subscription compatible with mobile devices?

The site was designed for desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The layout of the site will respond to whatever device you are using for an optimal user experience.

When I bookmark one or more pages, are those bookmarks saved even if I log out?

Yes. Customer feedback convinced us that storing your work in previous sessions for reference at any time on any device would provide needed information in many situations, such as in court, in meetings with judges or opposing counsel, or when working from home.

How secure is the information that I enter when I’m using the online subscription?

When you download a Word version of a form and enter client information, the editable form exists on your device. As long as you save the completed form on your device, it will be as secure as any other information that you have stored. When you use the bookmarking, highlighting, or note-taking features of the online subscription, that information is stored on servers. Although your saved bookmarks, highlights, and notes will be accessible to only someone accessing the online subscription through your account, you are strongly advised against using these features to add information that might be considered confidential client information. The State Bar of Texas makes no representations concerning whether entering confidential client information would or would not constitute a breach of confidentiality.

Does the search tool respond to Boolean search terms?

Yes, if you are searching for one term just type it in. If you would like search results to find a precise phrase of string of words, using quotation marks (ex. “Statutes of Limitations”) may help. If you would like to yield results for “Statutes” that eliminate results that include “Limitations”, use the term “NOT” (ex. Statutes NOT Limitations). The Boolean terms AND as well as OR also apply.

How do content updates work? Do I have to pay for them?

Supplements to the hard copy and digital download versions of our manuals incorporate changes in legislation and case law as frequently as every one to two years, depending on the manual. With TexasBarBooks Online there is no need to make additional supplement purchases or take any action to get updates. The site will automatically reflect these updates, and we will notify users of the changes made.

Because all of the content in the manual is subject to a rigorous process of legal interpretation, writing, editing, and typesetting, the next update on the site will take place near the time of print supplementation.

Downloading Forms and using the TexasBarBooks Toolbar

Can I modify the forms once I download them, and how?

As with the digital download, the Word forms available with the online subscription may be modified in the normal Word environment. However, they can be more quickly and easily manipulated using the TexasBarBooks Navigational Toolbar. The toolbar must be downloaded and installed on your local computer before use.

Are the forms compatible with mobile devices? What software or apps are required to take full advantage of the product’s features?

You may use the online subscription with any device that has Internet access and browser software or a browser app.

To download forms in MS Word or PDF, however, the device must be one that can download and save files, and to manipulate the forms, the device must be able to use those types of files.

The TexasBarBooks Navigational Toolbar is compatible with Word on Windows only and must have been installed locally to function. Although the toolbar can be extremely beneficial when manipulating the Word forms, it is not required.

What does the TexasBarBooks Navigational Toolbar do?

The toolbar is an MS Word macro template file that enables the user to more easily manipulate the Word forms provided with the product. You can download the toolbar and watch a tutorial video here.

The toolbar is compatible with Word on Windows systems only, and the downloadable automatic-installation file for the toolbar, when run on a Windows computer, should automatically install the toolbar for the latest version of Word on that computer that is compatible with the toolbar.

The toolbar may be used to—

  • view or hide the instructions embedded in the Word forms;
  • find and highlight the next variable, instruction, or optional text;
  • browse, select, and copy clause text from forms that are collections of clauses;
  • retain the embedded instructions for viewing while you work on your hard drive but prevent them from printing on your hard copies; and
  • delete the embedded instructions entirely on forms you plan to e-mail or file electronically.

View the video tutorial.

What if I can’t use the toolbar?

Although the toolbar can be extremely beneficial when manipulating the Word forms, it is not required. Tips for manipulating the content of the Word forms without using the toolbar are available here .