Texas Probate System Online Is Here! Use Code START4FREE and Get First Month Free!

The Texas Probate System Online does the thinking, so you don’t have to!

–Russell W. Hall, Editor and Project Director

The Texas Probate System has become the cornerstone of many a probate law practice. From the initial contact with a client to the closing of the estate, this System provides a step-by-step guide to the efficient handling of a decedent’s estate. Texas Probate System Online contains the same great content as the print and digital formats in the form of a subscription website.

It also unveils TexasBarBooks’ new excel Probate Workbook (to be released with all future versions), the Probate Pathfinder wizard, and a Probate Essentials page that contains bundles of documents curated by the Probate System’s author committee.

“In planning this product, we strived for two principles: easy access and simplified use,” said project manager Conor Jensen. “Most importantly, the exceptional Probate System content is now accessible at all times, on any device that can access the Internet. The built-in features were designed to both enhance use of the content and allow the user to work through their tasks in multiple sessions with local browser storage, a bookmarking tool, and even the ability to add notes to those bookmarks. We also leverage downloadable and customizable materials to give users full control over their content, which also allows them to integrate their downloaded files into their existing client file storage system.”

Read more and find the purchase link to the Texas Probate System online here. When you sign up, use the code START4FREE and we’ll give you a complimentary first month!

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