Texas Business Organizations Supplement

Texas Business Organizations
Manual 2019 Supplement

  • 228 pages
  • © 2019
  • Must own the latest edition of this manual to purchase

The Texas Business Organizations Manual 2019 supplement adds new practice notes explaining general limited liability company concepts, LLC taxation and audit procedures, rules the Texas secretary of state uses to approve names of newly filed entities, ethical considerations when forming entities, and the registration of trademarks and service marks. It also includes new forms for registering trademarks and service marks and a form with optional LLC company agreement language that addresses tax audit considerations.

A fully up-to-date manual includes the following:

  • Texas Business Organizations Manual
  • 2018 supplement*
  • 2019 supplement

*A 2018 supplement is required for a complete manual. If you do not have one, call the State Bar Sales Desk at 1-800-204-2222, ext. 1411, and request a copy.

To find out which supplements your copy of the manual contains, check the back of the title page. The copyright dates shown on the back of the title page should include not only the date for the manual itself but also the dates of all supplements that have since been incorporated into the manual.

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