Technological Trends for the Legal Profession

laptopOn the verge of our May release of Texas Perspectives on E-Discovery, TexasBarBooks has got technology on the mind. As TBB prepares to make our own offering on the subject of what combinations of 1’s and 0’s can be held up in a court of law, we would also like to take a moment and offer the thoughtful words of others on the subject of technology.

This video on shares valuable insight on how to be one of “the survivors…the thrivers…the boundaryless ones” in law’s increasingly hypermodern atmosphere. This is the way former U.S. Deputy attorney general Jamie Gorelick describes those who are ready to “embrace the change” when it comes to integrating the great technology rush into their law practice.

Gorelick’s speech identifies ten trends in technology that are poised to shape the legal profession from here. This is twenty minutes well worth listening to for lawyers facing the sometimes daunting reorganization of their profession. Gorelick speaks to the times with openness and she exhibits a grounded wisdom that is testament to her years as a leader in the field. We especially appreciate the notes of encouragement and optimism at the speech’s conclusion.