PROPOSED CHANGES: Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges—Criminal Defenses

Drafts of new language for the 2018 edition of Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges—Criminal Defenses are now available as proposed changes. Load the PDF to your browser by clicking the download button below. The committee that works on this edition strives for objective, well-drafted charges and commentary that accurately reflect Texas law. Your feedback will help the committee achieve that goal. Take the time to review the new material and send comments to As always, TexasBarBooks appreciates your assistance in crafting jury charges that are the most widely accepted in Texas.



Summary of the New Charges

  • CPJC 27.3 Instruction—Entrapment [changes]
  • CPJC 29.2 Instruction—Mistake of Law [changes]
  • CPJC 31.15 “Right to Arm” and “Provoking the Difficulty” [new]
  • CPJC 31.17 Nondeadly Force and “Provoking the Difficulty” Issue [changes]
  • CPJC 31.18 Instruction—Nondeadly Force—Defendant Arming Himself [new]
  • CPJC 31.19 Instruction—Threat of Deadly Force in Self-Defense [new]
  • Chapter 37 “Special Relationships” [new]