Texas Perspectives on Firearms Law

Texas Perspectives on Firearms Law

Texas Perspectives on Firearms Law

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  • 1 volume; softbound
  • 206 pages
  • © 2015


Firearm use and ownership are both constitutionally protected and heavily regulated. Understanding firearms law can be a minefield for the unwary. The stakes and consequences are high. Texas Perspectives on Firearms Law will assist you in advising your clients in making responsible decisions regarding firearms. This compilation of articles, initially presented at TexasBarCLE seminars across the state, covers a variety of topics including:

  • The formation of National Firearms Act trusts
  • Liability of firearms instructors
  • Advising and representing federal firearms licensees
  • Self-defense and the Castle Doctrine

The Texas Perspectives on Firearms Law Digital Download, consisting of a fully hyperlinked and searchable PDF file of the entire book, is included at no charge with purchase of the printed book and may also be purchased separately. Texas and federal case and statutory citations are linked to the Casemaker database online.

Authors include:

  • Allen Halbrook
  • Sean P. Healy
  • Mia Magness
  • Glenn E. Meyer
  • Myrna G. Montemayor
  • John B. Ross
  • Stefan B. Tahmassebi


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Chapter 1  Firearms Instructor Liability Stefan B. Tahmassebi

Chapter 2  National Firearms Act (NFA) Trusts Sean P. Healy

Chapter 3  The Who, What, and How of Federal Firearms Law John B. Ross and Myrna G. Montemayor

Chapter 4  Advising and Representing Federal Firearms Licensees Allen Halbrook

Chapter 5  Self-Defense and the Castle Doctrine: When Is Deadly Force Unlawful? Mia Magness

Chapter 6  How Defendants Are Seen by the Jury in Gun Cases Glenn E. Meyer

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