Never Miss an Update Again

Are you struggling to keep track of too many updates between your mobile devices, computer software, case book libraries, etc.? TexasBarBooks offers an Auto-Renewal Service to customers with each purchase of a digital download or printed publication.

Why Auto-Renew?

When you enroll in our Auto-Renewal Service, you will automatically receive updates before any other customers who order online. As a member, you will also receive a 10% discount on your current purchase and on all future auto-renewal purchases.

How does it work?

A few weeks before a book or supplement is released, you will get an e-mail notifying you of your book’s approximate arrival time. The book or supplement will then be sent to you along with an invoice, showing your 10% discount.

Enrolling is easy. When you place your online order, simply leave the box checked that indicates enrollment in the Auto-Renewal Service. Your discount will automatically be applied, and you will be on the list to automatically receive the next available update for that title.

For additional information, visit our FAQs.

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