More Party Talk: Answers to Everyday Legal Questions for Texas Lawyers

Following on the heels of the original Party Talk, the newly released More Party Talk provides more expert answers to questions posed to lawyers at public events and social gatherings. Get both books for only $45.00.

Part of any professional’s life is mastering the tools of the trade. Surgeons have scalpels, dentists have drills, and plumbers have pipe wrenches. Without these tools—and the training to properly use them—professionals simply cannot do their jobs.

But we lawyers? We don’t really have highly specialized tools that are unique to our profession. Our primary tool is our brain. Our jobs involve investigating, analyzing, organizing, negotiating, clarifying, articulating, and applying law to facts. Our ability to think and to know is at the heart of everything we do.

So unlike doctors and dentists—who don’t carry their tools with them when they are “off the clock”—our brains are always with us. We can’t conveniently leave them at home when socializing as a way to avoid unwanted legal questions. Dentists are never asked to fill a tooth at a cocktail party, but our forays into the public sphere often involve strangers and acquaintances who use these chance encounters to pick our brains for answers to their burning legal questions.

To keep that brain as sharp as it can be, you’ll need passing familiarity with the most common legal questions the public might have. And once again, your colleagues are here to help. Like the first edition of Party Talk, this new edition contains more expert answers to the questions posed to lawyers at parties, school events, and other public venues. Read this book, and you will once again be ready for whatever legal topic might come your way, such as:

  • Family law
  • Social media
  • Debt and collections
  • Criminal issues

Of course, if you don’t like answering legal questions from strangers, you can always skip the party and stay at home.


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Debt & Collections Issues
Criminal Issues
Employment Issues
Estate Planning & Probate Issues
Family Law Issues
Immigration Issues
Insurance Issues
Real Estate Issues
Social Media & Computer Issues
Miscellaneous Issues

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