Lady Lawyer Diaries: Support for Women in Law

Looking for a forum to discuss the experiences of women in the legal profession? The State Bar of Texas recently released a podcast discussing a refreshing and inspirational resource that we highly recommend.

In an interview with Kendyl Hanks and Kristen Vander-Plas, State Bar of Texas Podcast host Rocky Dhir explores their founding of Twitter handle #LadyLawyerDiary and how it’s helped promote a sense of community and guidance for women in the legal profession. “@LadyLawyerDiary is a Twitter handle curated by a group of women lawyers, in their personal capacity, for the purpose of promoting women and their successes and facilitating discussions on topics of importance to women practicing or interested in the legal profession,” says Hanks. “We created the forum to give women the opportunity to share their experiences and seek support and advice. In addition to women lawyers, we welcome discussion and input from men and non-lawyers, who frequently weigh in to share their own experiences and show support for women in the community.”

Listen to the @LadyLawyerDiary episode of the State Bar of Texas Podcast here to learn more!

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