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More Party Talk: Answers to Everyday Legal Questions for Texas Lawyers, only $26

 To keep that brain as sharp as it can be, you’ll need passing familiarity with the most common legal questions the public might have. And once again, your colleagues are here to help. Like the first edition of Party Talk, this new edition contains more expert answers to the questions posed to lawyers at parties, school events, and other public venues. Read this book, and you will once again be ready for whatever legal topic might come your way.




Party Talk: Answers to Everyday Legal Questions for Texas Lawyers, only $26

“So you’re a lawyer? Maybe you can answer a question for me!” Of course, most lawyers’ expertise doesn’t cover every possible area of the law, so your colleagues are here to help you with Party Talk: Answers to Everyday Legal Questions for Texas Lawyers. Written in a casual and amusing style, this inviting hardbound book provides succinct answers to a variety of common legal questions often asked by partygoers.



The Two-Book Party Talk Set, only $45

Following on the heels of the original Party Talk, the newly released More Party Talk provides more expert answers to questions posed to lawyers at public events and social gatherings. These books are a can’t miss! Get them both together for a special discounted rate!



Raising the Bar: The Crucial Role of the Lawyer in Society, only $55

In Raising the Bar, Talmage Boston points to historical, modern, and even fictional legal role models that today’s lawyers can emulate. He shares the stories of such noted attorneys as Abraham Lincoln, Leon Jaworski, and James A. Baker, III, and he points out how literary characters such as Atticus Finch can provide inspiration to legal professionals. Boston’s book provides a blueprint for what attorneys can and should do to raise the bar and remind the public of the legal profession’s important role in society.


The Noble Lawyer, only $55

In The Noble Lawyer, William J. Chriss examines the present state of the American legal system as well as the public’s current perception of lawyers. Learn about how the American legal system both came to be and how it has reached the state it’s in today. The Noble Lawyer is rich with examples from history, books, film, television, and modern life of what it means to be a lawyer and, more importantly, what it should mean to be one.




Heroes of the Courtroom, only $35

In this special two-hour presentation, celebrated attorney-authors Talmage Boston and William J. Chriss discuss the litigation system and how it’s changing, as well as the public’s perception of lawyers.



Rough Road to Justice: The Journey of Women Lawyers in Texas, only $55

This hardbound book, the first published on the subject, describes the many “firsts” of women lawyers in Texas. Walk in the shoes of such inspirational women as Edith W. Locke and Sandra Day O’Connor as author Betty Trapp Chapman describes how they learned the law, established professional careers, and managed to balance their private lives with the demands of being Texas lawyers.


By Jim M. Perdue

hqdefault I Remember Atticus
Only $55

Winning with Stories
Only $97

Winning with Stories: Jim Perdue Live (DVD)
Only $49

Who Will Speak for the Victim?
Only $84


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