Free Excerpt: Special Supplement to Texas Criminal PJC—Intoxication, 2019 Edition

Updated pages for the Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges—Intoxication, Controlled Substance & Public Order Offenses, 2019 edition, will be mailed to current owners by early December 2019. The special supplement consists of revisions made necessary by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals opinion Beltran De La Torre v. State and by the 2019 addition of Tex. Agric. Code § 121.001 and amendment to Tex. Health & Safety Code § 481.002(26).

The digital download has been corrected. You may download a zip file containing the updated excerpt in PDF and updated jury instruction language in Word by clicking the download button below.

If you have difficulty of any kind, please contact us at or by phone at (800) 204-2222, ext. 1499, or (512) 427-1499.


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