Essentials of Texas Water Resources Author Karen Guz Appears on Central Texas Gardener

Gardening in Texas can be a challenge, especially when the conservation of water is a major concern.  In an interview on Central Texas Gardener, San Antonio Water Systems Conservation Director Karen Guz discusses how the organization is encouraging San Antonians to achieve beauty in their gardens without draining water resources.

In creating the website Garden Style San Antonio, Ms. Guz states, “We really wanted to make sure that people understood the message that you can have a water-resilient landscape that is gorgeous and that there are so many different styles that you can do.”

Ms. Guz encouraged gardeners to work with native plants and soils to create attractive environments.  “There are wonderful wildflower grass seed mixes that can be really attractive,” she suggested,  “and then sedges have become a really cool, trendy option, as well as ornamental grasses that have color and texture.”

Visit Central Texas to enjoy the full interview and learn more.  Ms. Guz’s interview begins at timestamp 9:40.

Karen Guz serves the State Bar of Texas as volunteer author of Essentials of Texas Water Resources.  

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