Essentials of Texas Firearms Law

Essentials of Texas Firearms Law

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Firearm use and ownership are both constitutionally protected and heavily regulated. Understanding firearms law can be a minefield for the unwary. Essentials of Texas Firearms Law comprehensively covers firearms law and will assist you in advising your clients in making responsible decisions.

Essentials of Texas Firearms Law chapters include:

  • An overview of the federal regulatory scheme; the status of the Second Amendment as currently understood by the federal courts;
  • Persons allowed to own guns and persons not allowed; locations where firearms are allowed and locations where they are prohibited;
  • Self-defense and related legal doctrines; tort liability for firearms owners; considerations for business owners; and creating and using gun trusts.

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Chapter 1 Federal and Texas Firearms Regulatory Schemes, Allen Halbrook
Chapter 2 Federal Courts and the Second Amendment, Stephen P. Halbrook
Chapter 3 Firearm Rights Restoration, Joshua Prince
Chapter 4 Regulation of Firearms by Location, Charles Cotton
Chapter 5 Self-Defense and Other Justification Defenses, Mia Magness
Chapter 6 Tort Liability and Insurance Coverage for Firearms Injuries, Sabrina R. Karels
Chapter 7 Firearms Law for Business Owners, Mark A. Correro and Sean P. Healy
Chapter 8 Firearms and Accessories Restricted by the National Firearms Act; Gun Trusts, Sean P. Healy
Chapter 9 Myths of Defending Self-Defense Cases, Massad Ayoob

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