Essentials of E-Discovery


Essentials of E-Discovery

  • Judge Xavier Rodriguez, editor
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  • 1 volume; softbound
  • 704 pages
  • © 2014

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The State Bar of Texas is proud to present Essentials of E-Discovery, a desktop reference on the evolving legal issues encountered during the electronic discovery process. This book examines the major topics taken from state and federal case law regarding this expanding area of litigation; it should indeed prove an essential resource to any attorney who deals with electronic discovery.


  • Duty to preserve and litigation holds
  • Computer usage policies and records management
  • E-mail
  • Electronically stored information (ESI) collection, search, culling, and review
  • Responding to e-discovery requests and disputes
  • Privilege waiver
  • Rule 26(f) meet and confer
  • Rule 30(b)(6) depositions
  • Mediation of e-discovery disputes
  • Spoliation and sanctions
  • Introduction to computer forensics
  • ESI discovery in criminal, family, and personal injury case

The Essentials of E-Discovery Digital Download, consisting of a fully hyperlinked and searchable PDF file of the entire book, is included at no charge with purchase of the printed book and may also be purchased separately. Texas and federal case and statutory citations are linked to the Casemaker database online.


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Letter from the President of the State Bar of Texas

Editor’s Preface

Chapter 1 Duty to Preserve, Karen A. Monsen
Chapter 2 Litigation Holds, Lawrence Morales II
Chapter 3 Computer Usage Policies, Records Management, and Information Governance, Jonathan Lass and Dustin S. Sachs
Chapter 4 Introduction to Computers, Hard Drives, and Servers, Craig Ball
Chapter 5 E-Mail 101, Heather Kubiak
Chapter 6 Rule 26(f) Meet and Confer, Ramona L. Lampley
Chapter 7 ESI Collection, Emma Cano
Chapter 8 ESI Search, Culling, and Review, David J. Kessler, Keith M. Angle, and Alexander S. Altman
Chapter 9 Predictive Coding and Computer-Assisted Document Review, Eric J. Mayer
Chapter 10 Privilege Waiver, Federal Rule of Evidence 502, and Clawback/Sneak Peek Agreements, Kathy J. Owen, Judge Xavier Rodriguez, Allison O. Skinner, and Peter S. Vogel
Chapter 11 Responding to Discovery Requests and Discovery Disputes, K.A.D. Camara
Chapter 12 Cost Shifting, Judge Xavier Rodriguez and Julia Wommack Mann
Chapter 13 Spoliation and Sanctions , Carolyn Brostad Southerland and Gail Foster
Chapter 14 Rule 30(b)(6) Depositions, Julia W. Mann and Matthew J. Swantner
Chapter 15 Mediation of E-Discovery Disputes and Special Masters, Peter S. Vogel and Allison O. Skinner
Chapter 16 Authentication and Admissibility, Karl E. Hays
Chapter 17 Ethical Issues in E-Discovery, Kathy J. Owen
Chapter 18 Social Media in Texas Courts, John G. Browning
Chapter 19 Discovery of ESI from Nonparties, Stephen Orsinger
Chapter 20 Introduction to Computer Forensics, Craig Ball
Chapter 21 Cross-Border Production Issues, Christopher C. Costello, Sheryl A. Falk, and Benjamin J. Kimberley
Chapter 22 Privacy Issues, David J. Kessler, Susan L. Ross, and Keith M. Angle
Chapter 23 ESI Discovery in Texas Criminal Practice, Marlo Pfister Cadeddu and Eric J.R. Nichols
Chapter 24 Practical E-Discovery Advice in Family Law Cases, Marilea W. Lewis and Reginald A. Hirsch
Chapter 25 Practical E-Discovery Advice in Personal Injury Cases, Melinda H. Barlow

Appendix A Resources for the Judiciary
Appendix B Selected State and Federal Rules
Statutes and Rules Cited
Cases Cited
Subject Index

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