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Q: How can I copy multiple portions of content from different areas of my Word document and paste them to one place in the document, or to a new document, easily and quickly?

A: To handle this task using copy-and-paste or cut-and-paste requires that you navigate to the first location in your document that contains content you want to relocate, copy that content, navigate back to the content’s destination, paste it, and repeat the whole process for each additional portion of content to be moved. That’s a lot of work. And if the copied content has more than one destination, the process becomes even more time-consuming and tedious.

The Spike is your solution. This evocatively named feature of Word lets you gather noncontiguous snippets of text and images in your document and paste that content as a whole into another location in the same document or a new one.

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Is there a way to recreate variations of frequently-used documents without having to start from scratch?  Especially those with special formatting?  If creating a new blank document is your usual go-to, it’s worth taking a look at the templates Microsoft Word includes.  From business letters to lists, calendars, and more, using an existing template can help you avoid formatting struggles and can give you a polished-looking end product.  Even better, you can create your own templates.  You’ll be able to use saved templates to make your material look great, and it’s especially useful for duplicating those documents you make frequently.

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