TexasBarBooks senior editor Diane Morrison was inaugurated as the new president of the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA) at its annual meeting in Portland, OR on July 31.

Morrison shared these reflections regarding her new office: “I joined ACLEA in 1997 and have been increasingly involved in the organization: presenting at breakouts, leading the publications special interest group, teaching at boot camp. It was an honor to be nominated to serve on ACLEA’s executive committee and an even bigger honor to be chosen to move up through ACLEA leadership and become president.”

“The longer I’ve been a member of ACLEA, the more I’ve valued the relationships forged there. Getting input from people in the same line of work is invaluable; having those contacts with whom I can connect between meetings is even more so. Aside from the terrific education, ACLEA, for me, is about the people and the relationships. I think of ACLEA as my professional family.”

Please join us in congratulating Diane Morrison on her presidency. Click here to learn more about ACLEA.

Collaborative-Web-ImageSan Antonio attorney Kim Munsinger recently made an appearance with Julian Schwartz on Texas Public Radio to discuss the process of collaborative divorce, a fresh alternative to the approach of  settling divorces in courtrooms. Munsinger is an expert on the subject and has recently edited our own Collaborative Law—Start to Finish.

Collaborative law utilizes tools for a more peaceful divorce experience, often involving mental health and financial professionals, that aims for the healthiest possible resolutions. Please have a listen about this area of practice that is sure to grow in appeal.

Annual Meeting Panel Honors LBJ, the Civil Rights Act

July 28, 2014

Texas Bar TV has posted a recording of “Lyndon Johnson and the Civil Rights Act: A Remembrance,” the 2014 Bench Bar Breakfast Keynote panel at this year’s Annual Meeting. The panel features LBJ’s daughter Lynda Johnson Robb and Larry Temple, Austin attorney and former special counsel to LBJ. Author-attorney Talmage Boston serves as moderator. The […]

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Author Interview: Heather Kubiak on E-Discovery

May 30, 2013

TexasBarBooks presents part two of the interview with E-Discovery expert and contributing author, Heather Kubiak. In our discussion of technology and the law, Kubiak covers practical matters such as her favorite technological tools and the necessity of consulting others for the latest information. Read Part Two Learn More About this Book

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Author Interview: Heather Kubiak on E-Discovery

May 28, 2013

Technology offers opportunities for simplifying your practice, but it can also lead to complications. TexasBarBooks recently caught up with the enthusiastic and technologically fluent Heather Kubiak, one of the contributing authors of Texas Perspectives on E-Discovery, and asked her some questions regarding technology and the law.  We will run it in two parts. Read the […]

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James E. Brill—Author Interview

March 8, 2011
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James E. Brill is a solo practitioner from Houston whose practice emphasizes probate, estate planning, and real estate. He has served as editor, project director, and principal author of the Texas Probate System since 1971.n You’ve led the development of Texas Probate System, which Forms Builder is based on, for many years. Tell us how […]

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Interview: Essentials of Texas Water Resources

May 18, 2010

Sharon Sandle, Director of TexasBarBooks interviews Doug Caroom, Robin Smith and Ed McCarthy about their work on Essentials of Texas Water Resources.

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TexasBarBooks Publications Attorney Talks About His Experience as a CASA Volunteer

March 30, 2010
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David Ashmore has worked as a publications attorney for TexasBarBooks for almost 11 years. He’s contributed to a number of publications over the years, the most recent being Bankruptcy Road Map: Navigating the Landscape, Avoiding the Pitfalls and Arbitration Road Map: A Guide to Clauses, Procedures, and Hearings. You volunteer for CASA of Travis County. […]

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Betty Trapp Chapman – Author Interview

September 14, 2009
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What inspired you to write Rough Road to Justice:The Journey of Women Lawyers in Texas? So little has been written about Texas women’s entry into the workplace, especially the professions. I felt that this omission kept our history from being complete. When I was asked to work on this project, I was thrilled to be […]

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