Wills Road Map: Practical Considerations in Will Drafting

Wills2ndEd3d300pxWills Road Map: Practical Considerations in Will Drafting (2nd Edition) 

  • Steve R. Akers, Bernard E. Jones, and R. J. Watts, II
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  • © 2014

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Wills Road Map: Practical Considerations in Will Drafting began life as the well-known seminar paper “Anatomy of a Will” from the TexasBarCLE seminar “Building Blocks of Wills, Estates and Probate.” Intended for both general practitioners who occasionally prepare wills for their existing clients as well as for experienced estate planning attorneys, Wills Road Map brings together legal concepts from wills, probate, and trust law to provide expert guidance in properly assembling a will.

Featuring a basic discussion of estate tax planning, with a focus on various state law issues, Wills Road Map also addresses principles that can affect the will beyond the language of the will itself. Other subjects include doctrines affecting the validity of the will and a review of the legal significance and effect of the many specific wills provisions. Helpful appendixes include a checklist and sample wills forms.

The Wills Road Map: Practical Considerations in Will Drafting Digital Download is included with purchase and contains the entire book as a hyperlinked and word-searchable PDF file. All tables of contents, cross-references, and indexes are linked to substantive text within the file. Texas and federal case and statute citations are linked to online versions in the Casemaker Web Library.


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Chapter 1 Fundamental Requirements of a Will
Chapter 2 Upholding Validity of a Will in a Will Contest
Chapter 3 Revocation of a Will
Chapter 4 Specific Will Provisions
Chapter 5 Substantive Law Affecting Disposition of Assets
Chapter 6 Disposition of Specific Bequests
Chapter 7 Disposition of Residuary Estate
Chapter 8 Trust Planning
Chapter 9 Debts, Expenses, and Apportionment of Taxes
Chapter 10 Fiduciary Powers and Trust Administration
Chapter 11 Miscellaneous Provisions
Chapter 12 Coordinating Nonprobate Assets
Appendix A Checklist for Will Review
Appendix B Simple “Sweetheart” Will
Appendix C Disclaimer Will
Appendix D Marital Deduction Will

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