Texas Real Estate Forms Manual (3rd Edition) 2020


Texas Real Estate Forms Manual (3rd Edition)

  • A project of the Real Estate Forms Committee, Sara Eileen Dysart, chair, and Richard Melamed, vice-chair
  • © 2017–2020
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The newly updated Texas Real Estate Forms Manual provides guidance in preparing documents for a wide range of transactions and features practical commentary to aid the lawyer in adapting the forms to clients’ needs. This four-volume manual will enhance your practice, enabling you to assemble its 412 forms quickly and accurately. Save time and money with the Texas Real Estate Forms Manual, in the format that suits you best: online subscription, digital download only, or hard copy plus digital download.

Practice notes in this valuable resource provide synopses of the relevant law and helpful practical advice for the practitioner on a wide range of real estate topics, all coming from a committee of real estate attorneys. Topics include the following:

  • Foreclosure
  • Leasing
  • Water law
  • Insurance
  • Property owners associations & condominiums
  • Risk allocation
  • Federal lending regulations

The new 2020 supplement, included with purchase of the manual, includes revisions primarily based on statutory and case law updates. It also contains updated forms in the following chapters: Sales Contracts and Transaction Guide; Deeds, Bills of Sale, and Other Transfers; Ancillary Loan Documents; Water Rights Conveyancing Documents; Involuntary Mechanic’s Lien Documents; and Restrictive Covenants and Property Owners Associations. New forms have been added to the following chapters: Preparation, Execution, Proof, and Recording of Documents; Condominium Documents; Leases; and Miscellaneous Documents.

The Texas Real Estate Forms Manual Digital Download is included at no charge with purchase of the hard copy or may be purchased separately. The digital download contains the text of the entire manual as a hyperlinked and word-searchable PDF file. All tables of contents, practice notes, cross-references, and indexes are linked to substantive text within the file. Forms can be launched in Word format. The digital download contains a custom toolbar for Word forms that allows users to show, hide, print, and delete all instructional material and includes prompts to facilitate completing the form. (See the toolbar in action here.) Texas and federal case and statute citations are linked to the case reports and main Code section cited via Casemaker online.

Finally, the most robust format, the Online Subscription, provides access to all materials available in the hard copy version as well as all the features of the digital download. Additional features include filtered searches with high-relevancy results, optimized for mobile devices, and user highlights, bookmarks, and annotations that save your work for the next time you log in. The online subscription always contains the most recent updates.


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Access and Due Diligence Agreement, 4‑23
Acknowledgment by Foreign Service Officer, 3‑32
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Condominium Documents, 24‑8
Acknowledgment of Signature Affixed at Direction of Person with Disability, 3‑36
ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance, 17‑1
ACORD 28 Evidence of Commercial Property Insurance, 17‑2
ACORD 45 Additional Interest Schedule, 17‑3
Addendum to Security Agreement [Farm Products], 9‑5
Additional Clauses for Contractual Mechanic’s Liens, 20‑5
Additional Clauses for Deeds, 5‑9
Additional Clauses for Deeds of Trust, 8‑9
Additional Clauses for Deeds of Trust (Home Equity Loan), 11‑4
Additional Clauses for Foreclosure Documents, 14‑7
Additional Clauses for Leases, 25‑13
Additional Clauses for Loan Agreements, 10‑18
Additional Clauses for Promissory Notes, 6‑6
Administration Deed, 5‑14
Affidavit Claiming Mechanic’s and Materialman’s Lien, 21‑4
Affidavit in Support of Petitioner’s Application for an Expedited Order Under Rule 736, 14‑34
Affidavit of Acceptance, 20‑4
Affidavit of Advancement, 14‑19
Affidavit of Authority to Transfer (Pursuant to Section 12.019, Texas Property Code), 26-40
Affidavit of Commencement, 18‑5
Affidavit of Completion and Indemnity, 20‑3
Affidavit of Compliance (Pursuant to Section 50(f)(2), Article XVI, Texas Constitution), 11‑9
Affidavit of Debts and Liens [and Indemnity], 16‑13
Affidavit of Facts Concerning Identity of Heirs, 26‑1
Affidavit of Homestead, 10‑9
Affidavit of Identity, 26‑2
Affidavit of Interpreter, 3‑38
Affidavit of Mailing, 14‑9, 23‑18
Affidavit of Mailing of Lender’s Rescission and Waiver of Acceleration of Note, 10‑24
Affidavit of Marital Status, 26‑3
Affidavit of Nonproduction, 26‑4
Affidavit of Nonredemption, 23‑20
Affidavit of Posting and Filing, 14‑8
Affidavit of Redemption, 24-17
Affidavit of Return of Bid Amount, 14‑41
Affidavit of Termination of Authority to Transfer (Pursuant to Section 12.019, Texas Property Code), 26-41
Agenda of Public Foreclosure Sale, 14‑14
Agenda of Public Foreclosure Sale [Personal Property], 14‑24
Agenda of Public Foreclosure Sale of Residential Real Property, 14‑15
Agricultural Lease, 25‑8
Allonge, 10‑25
Alternative Payment Plan Agreement, 23‑14
Application for an Expedited Order under Rule 736 on a Home Equity, Reverse Mortgage, or Home Equity Line of Credit Loan, 14‑33
Application of Prepayment, 6‑4
Appointment of Substitute Trustee[s] [Mortgagee], 14‑10
Appointment of Substitute Trustee[s] [Mortgage Servicer], 14‑11
Asbestos Disclosure Notice [Lease], 25‑31
Asbestos Disclosure Notice [Sales], 4‑8
Assignment and Assumption of Lease [Water Rights], 16‑14
Assignment and Assumption of Leases, 5‑21
Assignment of Real Estate Sales Contract [Long Form], 4‑29
Assignment of Real Estate Sales Contract [Short Form], 4‑28
Assignment of Rent, 10‑5
Association Management Agreement, 23‑22, 24‑16
Assumed [Business/Professional] Name Certificate for Incorporated Business or Profession, 26‑5
Assumed [Business/Professional] Name Certificate for Unincorporated Business or Profession, 26‑6
Assumption Agreement, 10‑22


Bill of Sale, 5‑16, 14‑25
Blanket Bill of Sale, 5‑15
Blanket Easement Agreement for Groundwater Rights [For Use with Groundwater Rights Warranty Deed (On Site)], 16‑3
Boundary Line Agreement and Special Warranty Deed, 26‑7
Bylaws of [name of association] [, Inc.], 24‑4
Bylaws of [name of property owners association] [, Inc.], 23‑4


Cell Tower Lease, 25‑10
Certificate of Condominium Association’s Waiver of Right of First Refusal, 24‑9
Certificate of Formation of [name of corporation], a Texas [For-Profit/Nonprofit] Corporation, 24‑3
Certificate of Formation of [name of corporation], a Texas Nonprofit Corporation, 23‑3
Certificate of Management, Control, and Disposition, 26‑8
Certificate of Resolutions [Corporation], 26‑9
Certificate of Resolutions [General Partnership], 26‑10
Certificate of Resolutions [Limited Liability Company], 26‑11
Certificate of Resolutions [Limited Partnership], 26‑12
Certificate of Resolutions [Nonprofit Corporation], 26‑13
Certificate of Resolutions [Unincorporated Association], 26‑14
Certification of Durable Power of Attorney by Agent, 26‑38
Certification of Trust, 10‑20
Change Order, 18‑6
Clauses Acknowledging Cash Advanced, 8‑5
Clauses Extending Existing Liens, 8‑4
Closing Instructions [from Borrower], 26‑15
Closing Instructions [from Lender], 26‑16
Closing Instructions [from Purchaser], 26‑17
Closing Instructions [from Seller], 26‑18
Collateral Note Maker’s Estoppel Certificate, 9‑9
Collateral Transfer of Note and Lien, 9‑8
Collection and Payment Agreement, 10‑7
Commercial Construction Contract [Guaranteed Maximum Price], 19‑1
Commercial Construction Contract [Stipulated Sum], 19‑2
Community Interest Special Warranty Deed, 5‑20
Conditional Final Release, 18‑10
Conditional Partial Release During Construction, 18‑8
Condominium Information Statement [name of condominium], a Condominium, 24‑2
Consent and Agreement, 9‑10
Consent Resolutions, 10‑6
Consent to Leasehold Deed of Trust, 8‑11
Consideration Clauses, 5‑6
Contract for Assignment of Real Estate Sales Contract, 4‑31
Contractor’s Disbursement Disclosure for Residential Construction (Consumer-Owned), 18‑3
Contractor’s Disclosure Statement for Residential Construction, 18‑1
Contractor’s List of Subcontractors and Suppliers, 18‑2
Correction Instrument [Nonmaterial Correction], 5‑24
Cover Letter Sending Copy of Lien Affidavit, 21‑5


Debtor’s Consent to Acceptance of Collateral, 14‑22
Declaration in Support of Petitioner’s Application for an Expedited Order under Rule 736, 14‑35
Declaration of [name of condominium], a Condominium, 24‑1
Declaration of Nonforeign Status—Entity, 26‑19
Declaration of Nonforeign Status—Individual, 26‑20
Declaration of Restrictive Covenants of the [name of subdivision] Subdivision [without Property Owners Association], 23‑2
Declaration of Restrictive Covenants of the [name of subdivision] Subdivision [with Property Owners Association], 23‑1
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, 5‑13
Deed of Trust, 8‑1
Deed of Trust [Home Equity Loan], 11‑3
Deed of Trust and Security Agreement [Water Rights], 16‑21
Deed of Trust to Secure Assumption, 8‑2
Deed without Warranty, 5‑4, 23‑6
Default Order, 14‑38
Demand for Payment of Assessments, 24‑15
Demand to Pay Proceeds of Rent, 14‑39
Deposit Account Control Agreement [Blocked Account], 9‑19
Deposit Account Control Agreement [Operating Account], 9‑20
Designation of Homestead, 26‑21
Designation of Homestead and Affidavit of Nonhomestead, 10‑8
Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards [Lease], 25‑30
Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards [Sales], 4‑7
Document Components: Cooperative, 3‑26
Document Components: Corporation, 3‑15
Document Components: Custodian for Minor under Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, 3‑23
Document Components: Decedent’s Estate by Personal Representative Also Signing Individually, 3‑21
Document Components: Decedent’s Estate—Personal Representative, 3‑20
Document Components: Entity, 3‑24
Document Components: Entity with Assumed Name, 3‑25
Document Components: General Partnership—Composition of Partners, 3‑10
Document Components: General Partnership—Individual Partner, 3‑9
Document Components: Guardian for Ward, 3‑22
Document Components: Joint Venture—Composition of Venturers, 3‑14
Document Components: Joint Venture—Individual Venturer, 3‑13
Document Components: Limited Partnership—Entity General Partner, 3‑12
Document Components: Limited Partnership—Individual General Partner, 3‑11
Document Components: Married Person—Separate Property, 3‑6
Document Components: Multiple Persons—Nonhomestead, 3‑4
Document Components: Natural Person—Assumed Name, 3‑7
Document Components: Natural Person by Attorney-in-Fact, 3‑8
Document Components: Natural Person—Nonhomestead, 3‑3
Document Components: Nonprofit Corporation, 3‑16
Document Components: Single Person, 3‑1
Document Components: Spouses, 3‑2
Document Components: Spouses—Nonhomestead, 3‑5
Document Components: Trustee—Entity, 3‑18
Document Components: Trustee—Individual, 3‑17
Document Components: Trustee—Testamentary, 3‑19
Document Components: Unincorporated Association—Statement of Authority, 3‑27
Document Components: Unincorporated Association—Trustees, 3‑28


Easement Agreement for Access, 26‑22
Easement Agreement for Reciprocal Access, 26‑23
Easement Agreement for Utilities, 26‑24
Easement in Gross Agreement, 26‑25
Easement Location Addendum, 16‑4
Election Regarding Right of Rescission, 11‑6, 20‑8
Electronic Certificate of Acknowledgment [Long Form], 3-30
Electronic Certificate of Acknowledgment [Short Form], 3-31
Escrow Agent Receipt and Escrow Agreement, 4‑2
Escrow Agreement, 26‑26
Exceptions to Conveyance and Warranty, 5‑8
Expansion Space Rider, 25‑14
Extension Option Rider, 25‑15


[Final] Bills-Paid Affidavit, 18‑12
Foreclosure Affidavit, 14‑17


General Warranty Deed, 5‑1
Grantee’s Acceptance of Deed, 5‑10
Grazing Lease, 25‑9
Groundwater Rights Sales Contract [For Sale of Groundwater Rights in Place for On-Site Production If Seller Owns Groundwater and Surface Estate], 16‑1
Groundwater Rights Sales Contract [For Sale of Permitted Groundwater Rights for Off-Site Production], 16‑9
Groundwater Rights Warranty Deed [For Sale of Permitted Groundwater Rights for Off-Site Production], 16‑10
Groundwater Rights Warranty Deed [For Use If Grantor Owns Both Groundwater and Surface Estate], 16‑2
Guaranty, 10‑15, 25‑22
Guardianship Deed, 5‑14
Guidelines for Alternative Payment Plans, 23‑13


Home Equity Compliance Certificate and Agreement, 11‑5
Home Equity Extension of Credit [Promissory Note], 11‑2
Home Improvement Closing Certificate, 20‑7
Homestead Affidavit as Release of Judgment Lien, 26‑27
Hunting Lease, 25‑7


Important Notice to Borrowers Related to Your Reverse Mortgage, 11‑7
Industrial Lease, 25‑6
Insurance Addendum to Lease [Long Form], 25‑36
Insurance Addendum to Lease [Short Form], 25‑37
Insurance and Indemnity Agreement, 8‑12
Insurance Notice to Applicant, 10‑16
IRS Notice Letter, 14‑20


Jurat, 3‑37


Landlord’s Lien Waiver, 25‑24
Lease [Basic], 25‑1
Lease Assignment, 25‑19
Leasehold Deed of Trust, 8‑10
Lender’s Estoppel Certificate, 10‑10
Lender’s Rescission and Waiver of Acceleration of Note, 10‑23
Lessee Estoppel Certificate [Water Rights], 16‑15
Letter Declining Representation, 1‑1
Letter Detailing Basic Engagement Agreement and Fee Agreement, 1‑8
Letter Detailing Basic Engagement Agreement and Fee Agreement for Local Counsel in Financing Transaction, 1‑15
Letter Detailing Basic Engagement Agreement and Fee Agreement for Simple Matters, 1‑10
Letter Detailing Ongoing Engagement Agreement and Fee Agreement, 1‑9
Letter Disclosing and Requesting Waiver of Potential Conflict for Multiple Representation of Title Company and Third Party, 1‑3
Letter Disclosing and Requesting Waiver of Potential Conflict with Current Client, 1‑2
Letter Disclosing and Requesting Waiver of Potential Conflict with Former Client, 1‑4
Letter Disclosing Potential Risks and Requesting Consent of Individual Partners to Representation of Partnership, 1‑5
Letter Disclosing Potential Risks and Requesting Consent to Representation of Corporate Entity, 1‑6
Letter for Completion of Attorney-Client Relationship, 1‑14
Letter of Intent, 4‑3
Letter Requesting Client’s Consent to Business Relationship with Attorney, 1‑11
Letter Requesting Consent to Intermediary and Outlining Fee Agreement, 1‑7
Letter Terminating Attorney-Client Relationship, 1‑13
Letter to Reinstate Default Provisions, 14‑1
Lienholder Consent and Subordination to Easement Agreement, 16‑7
Lienholder’s Subordination to Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease, 10‑11
Lis Pendens, 26‑28
Listing Agreement [Exclusive Agency], 26‑29
Listing Agreement [Exclusive Right to Sell], 26‑30
Listing Agreement [Open Listing], 26‑31
Listing of Potential Buyers, Commission Merchants, and Selling Agents, 9‑7
Loan Agreement, 10‑17
Lockout Notice Posting, 25‑27


Management Certificate, 23‑7, 24‑5
Manufactured-Home Community Disclosure, 25‑12
Manufactured-Home Community Lease, 25‑11
Mechanic’s Lien Contract, 20‑1
Mechanic’s Lien Note, 20‑2
Memorandum of Contract, 16‑16
Memorandum of Groundwater Loan [For Use with Edwards Aquifer Authority], 16‑23
Memorandum of Lease, 25‑35
Memorandum of Option, 4‑25
Memorandum of Private Foreclosure Sale, 14‑30
Military Acknowledgment, 3‑33
Military Status Affidavit, 14‑36
Military Status Declaration, 14‑37
Modification and Extension Agreement, 10‑4
Modification of Lease, 25‑33


[Name of district] Groundwater Conservation District Application of [name of applicant] for Transfer of Ownership of Wells and Operating [and Transport] Permits Owned by [name of permittee], 16‑26
New Home Closing Certificate, 20‑6
Nonrepresentation Letter When Representing Lender or Title Company, 1‑12
Notice Concerning Extensions of Credit, 11‑1
Notice Concerning Refinance of Existing Home Equity Loan to Non–Home Equity Loan under Section 50(f)(2), Article XVI, Texas Constitution, 11‑8
Notice for Unimproved Property in a Certificated Service Area of a Utility Service Provider, 4‑16
Notice from Lender’s Attorney to Borrower, 10‑12
Notice of Acceleration, 14‑5
Notice of Acceleration [Home Equity Loan], 14‑32
Notice of Advancement and Demand for Payment, 14‑18
Notice of Agreement Providing for Retainage, 21‑7
Notice of Cancellation, 4‑4
Notice of Change of Debtor’s Address, 14‑2
Notice of Change of Locks Letter, 25‑28
Notice of Claim to Owner and Original Contractor, 21‑2
Notice of Collection Agent Fees, 23‑15
Notice of Default, 25‑25
Notice of Default [Home Equity Loan], 14‑31
Notice of Default and Intent to Accelerate, 14‑4
Notice of Delinquency to Subordinate Lienholder, 23‑16
Notice of Enforcement Action and Attorney’s Fees, 23‑17
Notice of Final Agreement, 10‑14
Notice of Foreclosure Sale, 23‑19
Notice of Lender’s Interest in Water Rights and Permit, 16‑24
Notice of Maturity and Demand for Payment, 14‑3
Notice of Membership in Property Owners Association Concerning the Property at [street address and name of residential community], 23‑9
Notice of Obligation to Pay Public Improvement District Assessment to [name of municipality or county levying assessment] Concerning the Property at [street address], 4‑5
Notice of Our Plan to Sell Property, 14‑28
Notice of Penalties for Making False or Misleading Written Statement (Pursuant to Section 343.105, Texas Finance Code), 10‑19
Notice of Rescission of Trustee’s Sale, 14‑40
Notice of Retainage Agreement, 21‑8
Notice of Strict Foreclosure, 14‑26
Notice of Termination of Contract [Water Rights], 16‑17
Notice of Termination of Work or Abandonment of Performance by Original Contractor or Owner, 21‑15
Notice of Transfer of Security Deposit, 5‑22
Notice of Trustee’s Sale [Mortgagee], 14‑12
Notice of Trustee’s Sale [Mortgage Servicer], 14‑13
Notice of Water Level Fluctuations, 4‑20
Notice Regarding Insulation to Buyer of New Home, 4‑6
Notice Regarding Possible Annexation, 4‑15
Notice Regarding Possible Liability for Additional Taxes, 4‑14
Notice Regarding Sale Subject to a Recorded Lien, 4‑9
Notice Regarding Specially Fabricated Material[s], 21‑6
Notice to Cosigner, 6‑7
Notice to Original Contractor by Second-Tier Claimant, 21‑1
Notice to Owner Regarding Liens against Homestead Property, 21‑3
Notice to Purchaser[s], 23‑8
Notice to Purchaser of Property Located in Certain Annexed Water Districts, 4‑18
Notice to Purchaser of Property Seaward of Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, 4‑13
Notice to Purchaser Regarding Coastal Area Property, 4‑12
Notice to Purchaser Regarding Restrictive Covenants, 4‑11
Notice to Purchaser That Property Is Located within the Area of the Alignment of a Transportation Project, 4‑19
Notification of Disposition of Collateral, 14‑29


Objection to Proposal to Accept Collateral in [Full/Partial] Satisfaction of Obligation, 14‑27
Office Lease, 25‑3
Option to Purchase [For Use with Real Estate Sales Contract], 4‑24
Other Indebtedness Clauses, 8‑6
Owelty of Partition Agreement, 5‑12
Owelty of Partition Deed, 5‑11
Owner Affidavit of Completion, 18‑7
Owner Notification to Association of Rental Information, 23‑21, 24‑14


Parking Facility Rider to Office Lease, 25‑4
Partial Release Clauses, 8‑7
Partial Release of Judgment Lien, 26‑32
Partial Release of Lien, 10‑3
Partial Release of Lien [Water Rights Off-Site Production], 16‑11
Partial Release of Lien [Water Rights On-Site Production], 16‑8
Partial Release of Mechanic’s and Materialman’s Lien, 21‑14
Partial Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed, 5‑27
Partition Deed, 5‑23
Payment Clauses, 6‑2
Permittee’s Instruction Letter to Water Authority, 16‑25
Permit Transfer Request, 16‑12
[Posted] Notice of Public Sale, 14‑23
Prenotification Statement [Notice of Security Interest], 9‑6
Prepayment Clauses, 6‑3
Promissory Note, 6‑1
Property Condition Disclaimer, 26‑33


Quitclaim, 5‑5


Real Estate Commission Rider, 25‑32
Real Estate Sales Contract, 4‑1
Record of Unit _____ of _________________________, a Condominium, 24‑10
Records Production and Copying Policy, 23‑12
Reinstatement Agreement, 14‑6
Release of Collateral Transfer of Note and Lien, 10‑21
Release of Judgment Lien, 26‑34
Release of Lien, 10‑2
Release of Mechanic’s and Materialman’s Lien, 21‑13
Request for Copy of Affidavit of Completion, 21‑12
Request for Information to Original Contractor, 21‑10
Request for Information to Owner, 21‑9
Request for Information to Subcontractor, 21‑11
Required Information [Issued on [date]] Applicable to the Property Including Resale Certificate, 23‑10
Resale Certificate, 24‑6
Reservations from Conveyance, 5‑7
Residential Construction Contract, 18‑4
Residential Lease, 25‑5
Restrictive Covenant Agreement, 23‑11
Retail Lease, 25‑2
Revocable Transfer on Death Deed, 5‑25
Revocation of Power of Attorney, 26‑35
Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed, 5‑26
Right of First Offer Agreement, 4‑27
Right of First Refusal Agreement, 4‑26
Road Maintenance Agreement, 26‑39
Rules of [name of condominium owners’ association] [, Inc.], 24‑11
Rules of [name of property owners association] [, Inc.], 23‑5


Second-Lien Clauses for Use with Subordinate Deeds of Trust, 8‑8
Security Agreement [Accounts, Chattel Paper, General Intangibles, Commercial Tort Claims], 9‑2
Security Agreement [Goods, Including Documents Covering Goods, Equipment, Inventory, Consumer Goods, and Farm Products], 9‑1
Security Agreement [Instruments, Investment Property], 9‑3
Security Agreement [Interest in Noncorporate Entity], 9‑4
Security Agreement [Water Rights], 16‑22
Security Agreement and Transfer of Lien (from Condominium Association), 24‑13
Security for Payment, 6‑5
Seller’s Consent to Assignment, 4‑30
Seller’s Disclosure of Property Condition, 4‑22
Sight Draft, 7‑2
Special Durable Power of Attorney for Real Estate Transactions, 26‑36
Special Warranty Deed, 5‑3
Standby Letter of Credit, 7‑1
Statement of Subscribing Witness in Presence of Subscriber, 3‑34
Statement of Subscribing Witness on Acknowledgment by Subscriber, 3‑35
Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, 26‑37
Statutory Form for Ordinary Certificate of Acknowledgment, 3‑29
Storage Tanks Disclosure Provider, 4‑10
Sublease, 25‑23
Subordination, Attornment, and Nondisturbance Agreement, 25‑16
Subordination of Landlord’s Lien, 25-18
Subordination of Lien, 10‑13
Surface Damage Payment Addendum, 16‑5
Surface Use Restrictions Addendum, 16‑6
Surface Water Rights Conveyance—Conditional, 16‑19
Surface Water Rights Conveyance—Unconditional, 16‑20
Surface Water Rights Sales Contract, 16‑18
Survivorship Agreement, 5‑18
Survivorship Agreement for Community Property, 5‑19


Tenant Estoppel Certificate, 25‑21
Tenant Improvements Rider to Lease or Work Letter, 25‑29
Tenant’s Acceptance Letter, 25‑20
Tenant’s Subordination to Deed of Trust Lien, 25‑17
Termination of Lease, 25‑34
Termination of Right of Possession Letter, 25‑26
Transfer of Escrow Funds [and Hazard Insurance Policy], 5‑17
Transfer of Note and Lien, 10‑1
Trustee’s Deed [with Bill of Sale], 14‑16
Truth-in-Lending Notice of Right of Rescission [Notice of Right to Cancel—General], 12‑1
Truth-in-Lending Notice of Right of Rescission [Notice of Right to Cancel—Refinancing], 12‑2


UCC1 (Financing Statement), 9‑11
UCC1Ad (Financing Statement Addendum), 9‑12
UCC1AP (Financing Statement Additional Party), 9‑13
UCC3 (Financing Statement Amendment), 9‑14
UCC3Ad (Financing Statement Amendment Addendum), 9‑15
UCC3AP (Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party), 9‑16
UCC5 (Statement of Claim), 9‑17
UCC11 (Information Request), 9‑18
Unanimous Written Consent of Condominium Association Board of Directors for Approval of Secured Loan under Texas Property Code § 82.102(f), 24‑12
Unconditional Partial Release During Construction, 18‑9
Unconditional Release on Final Payment, 18‑11
Utility District Notice, 4‑17


Vendor’s Lien Clauses, 8‑3


Waiver of Condominium Resale Certificate, 24‑7
Waiver of Consumer Rights, 4‑21
Waiver of Rights after Default, 14‑21
Warranty Deed with Vendor’s Lien, 5‑2


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Summary of Contents
How to Download This Manual

1 Ethics and Professional Conduct
2 Laws Affecting Real Estate
3 Preparation, Execution, Proof, and Recording of Documents
4 Sales Contracts and Transaction Guide
5 Deeds, Bills of Sale, and Other Transfers
6 Promissory Notes
7 Letters of Credit


8 Deeds of Trust
9 Security Agreements
10 Ancillary Loan Documents
11 Home Equity Loan Documents
12 Federal Consumer Disclosure Documents
13 Residential Contracts for Deed
14 Foreclosure Documents
15 reserved


16 Water Rights Conveyancing Documents
17 Risk Allocation: Indemnity, Waiver, and Insurance
18 Residential Construction Contract Documents
19 Commercial Construction Contract Documents
20 Contractual Mechanic’s Lien Documents
21 Involuntary Mechanic’s Lien Documents
22 reserved


23 Restrictive Covenants and Property Owners Associations
24 Condominium Documents
25 Leases
26 Miscellaneous Documents

Appendix—Third-Party Legal Opinion Letters
Statutes and Rules Cited
Cases Cited
Subject Index to Forms
List of Forms by Title
Subject Index

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