Texas Probate System

Probate-3d-double-binderTexas Probate System (4th ed.)
- 2 Volumes
- By James E. Brill, editor and project director and Russell W. Hall, associate editor
- Downloadable PDF file
- Copyright © 2014
- $295
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The new 4th edition of the Texas Probate System is based on the new Texas Estates Code, which superseded the Texas Probate Code effective January 1, 2014. In the new Estates Code, sections of the Probate Code relating to decedents have been substantially reorganized and renumbered.

The new edition of the Texas Probate System

  • incorporates new Estates Code citations, terminology, and statutory requirements, including changes from the most recent legislative session
  • adds procedures, including necessary forms and letters, for implementing independent administration by agreement in both testate and intestate estates.

The Texas Probate System will become the cornerstone of your probate law practice. From the initial contact with a client to the closing of the estate, this System will be in constant use, providing a step-by-step guide to the efficient handling of a decedent’s estate.

The Texas Probate System includes:

  • Letters of a standard, routine, and repetitive nature
  • Forms to be prepared for court proceedings
  • Worksheets designed to guide you through proper decisions, to make calculations, or to maintain a single summary record of multiple related transactions
  • Significant Date List to assist you in calculating and recording important dates for all proceedings
  • Checkplan containing a checklist of all activities to be considered and performed in handling a decedent’s estate.

Texas Probate System Forms digital product contains the entire text of the printed system as a PDF file. It also provides PDF and word-processing files of relevant parts of the System, and a Master Information List designed in Excel for your convenience.


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