Texas Family Law Practice Manual (3rd Edition)

Family-Law-Binder-and-Book-2014Texas Family Law Practice Manual (3rd ed.)
- Newly updated 3rd edition includes Texas Family Law Practice Manual digital product.
- A project of the Family Law Section Council, Georganna L. Simpson, Co-Chair, Norma Levine Trusch, Co-Chair.
- Includes supplementation through 2014.
- 6 loose-leaf volumes.
- 1 softbound practice notes volume.
- Copyright © 2010, 5,302 Pages
- $645.00
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Now including a 2014 supplement, the Texas Family Law Practice Manual and its predecessors have proven their value to every lawyer who practices any family law. This time-tested and essential resource will answer any question you may have, as well as allow you to quickly download and assemble over 740 family forms, quickly and efficiently. Save time and money with the Texas Family Law Practice Manual.

Six loose-leaf volumes featuring 742 forms used in title 1, title 2, title 4, and title 5 proceedings provide marginal notes and precise instructions ensuring the production of documents tailored to each individual case. The forms volumes include a comprehensive and helpful subject index and forms indexes.

1,266 pages of practice notes provide synopses of the relevant law and helpful practical advice for the practitioner on a wide range of family law topics, all coming from a committee of judges and family law attorneys. The practice notes also features a subject index, as well as an index of statutes, rules, and cases cited.

Included with the purchase of the manual, the Texas Family Law Practice Manual 2014 Supplement reflects legislative, case-law, and rules since 2012.

The Texas Family Law Practice Manual Digital Product is included at no charge with purchase of the printed manual and may also be purchased separately. Containing the full text of the book as two hyperlinked and fully word-searchable PDFs to allow for simple, rapid navigation to topics of interest. All forms are available in Word and WordPerfect formats for easy assembly. The digital product includes hyperlinked Texas and federal case and statutory citations so you can go straight to the case or statute you need in the free Casemaker Web Library.

Finally, the digital product contains custom toolbars for both Word and WordPerfect forms that allow users to show, hide, print, and delete all instructional material. Other features include prompts to facilitate completing the form.

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Letter from the President of the State Bar of Texas
Summary of Contents
Digital Product Documentation

1 Ethics and Malpractice Considerations
2 Attorney-Client Relationship and Communications
3 Divorce Pleadings
4 Divorce—Temporary Orders
5 Discovery
6 Information Gathering and Third-Party Notices
7 Inventory and Appraisement


8 Ancillary Motions and Proceedings
9 Child Support
10–12 reserved
13 Court-Ordered Representatives
14 Judicial Bypass
15 Collaborative Law
16 Parenting Plans, Parenting Coordinators, and Parenting Facilitators
17 Protective Orders
18 Alternative Dispute Resolution and Informal Settlement
19 Trial Proceedings
20–22 reserved


23 Divorce—Decrees and Agreements Incident to Divorce
24 Closing Documents
25 Employment and Retirement Benefits
26 Posttrial Proceedings and Appeals
27 Mandamus
28–30 reserved


31 Enforcement—Property
32 Enforcement—Spousal Maintenance and Alimony
33 Enforcement—Child Support
34 Enforcement—Possession and Access
35 Habeas Corpus to Release Adult
36 Physical Possession of Child
37–39 reserved
40 Original Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship


41 Modification of Texas Orders
42 Transfer
43 Interstate Proceedings
44 Grandparents and Other Nonparents
45 Military Duty of Conservator
46 Authorization Agreements for Nonparent Relatives
47–49 reserved
50 Termination
51 Adoption of Child
52 Combined Termination and Adoption of Stepchild
53 Ancillary Forms for Termination and Adoption


54 Parentage
55 International SAPCR Issues
56 Miscellaneous SAPCR and Other Child-Related Forms
57–59 reserved
60 Adoption of Adult
61 Miscellaneous Litigation
62 Annulment and Suit to Declare Marriage Void
63 Property Agreements
Subject Index to Forms
List of Forms by Title