Essentials of Texas Water Resources (2nd edition)

thumb-texas-water-resourcesEssentials of Texas Water Resources, 2nd Edition
– Mary K. Sahs, Editor.
– A project of The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.
– Includes Essentials of Texas Water Resources digital product.
– 1 volume; softbound
– Copyright ©2012
– 1176 Pages
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Essentials of Texas Water Resources, edited by Mary K. Sahs and published by TexasBarBooks, is a project of the Environmental & Natural Resources Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. With a list of more than eighty authors that reads like a “who’s who” of Texas water law legal and technical experts, this book will prove itself to be a vital resource to lawyers, engineers, industry professionals, consultants, regulators, conservationists, water boards, groundwater conservation districts, state agencies, river authorities, utilities, municipalities, and academic institutions.

As well as including revisions to all the chapters from the first edition and an updated bibliography, the second edition features the following new chapters:

  • Conjunctive Management and Use of Surface and Groundwater Resources
  • State and Federal Government Entities with Water Resource Jurisdiction
  • River Authorities and Regional Water Districts
  • Water Conservation
  • Innovative Water Technologies
  • Economic Perspectives on Texas Water Resources
  • Energy-Water Nexus

Revised topics include:

  • Surface Water and Groundwater Modeling
  • Interstate Compacts
  • Surface and Groundwater Transactions
  • Water Planning
  • Financing Water Projects
  • Governmental Acquisition of Water Rights by Involuntary Means
  • Flood Management
  • Reservoirs
  • Water Utilities
  • Water Districts
  • Wholesale Water Suppliers
  • Water Rights and the Endangered Species Act
  • Water Quality Regulations
  • Dredge and Fill Permits

The Essentials of Texas Water Resources Digital Product is included with purchase and contains the entire book as a fully hyperlinked and word-searchable PDF file. Case and statutory citations are linked to the online Casemaker Web Library. Also included are PDF versions of Edwards Aquifer Authority Acts and Rules and selected articles from the TexasBarCLE Online Library, free of charge.


List of Plates


1. Scientific, Legal, and Ethical Foundations for Texas Water Law

– Gabriel Eckstein and Amy Hardberger

2. Meeting Water Supply Needs: Planning, Permitting, and Implementation

– Martin C. Rochelle, Brad B. Castleberry, and Michelle Maddox Smith

3. Historical Development of Texas Surface Water Law: Background of the Appropriation and Permitting System and Management of Surface Water Resources

– Glenn Jarvis

4. Groundwater Law and Regulation

– Russell S. Johnson

5. Conjunctive Management and Use of Surface and Groundwater Resources

– Ronald Kaiser

6. State and Federal Government Entities with Water Resource Jurisdiction

– Shana L. Horton and Constance Courtney Westfall


7. Water Districts

– Angela Stepherson

8. River Authorities and Regional Water Districts

– Lyn Clancy and Travis J. Phillips

9. Surface Water Rights Permitting

– Douglas G. Caroom and Susan M. Maxwell

10. Special Issues in Water Rights Permitting

– Robin Smith

11. Environmental Flows

– Hope Wells and Colette Barron Bradsby

12. Determining Surface Water Availability

– Kathy Alexander Martin and Todd Chenoweth

13. Water Rights Enforcement

– Robert Martinez

14. Multi-Jurisdictional Water Rights

– Priscilla M. Hubenak and Tom Bohl

15. Surface Water Rights Transactions

– Edmond R. McCarthy, Jr., Lynn Ray Sherman, and Derek Seal


16. Chapter 36 Groundwater Conservation Districts and Subsidence Districts

Michael Booth, Trey Nesloney, and Deborah Trejo

17. Edwards Aquifer Authority

Darcy Alan Frownfelter

18. Groundwater Transactions

Susan M. Maxwell and Denise V. Cheney

19. Forecasting Underground Rain: Groundwater Availability Modeling

Robert E. Mace and Cynthia K. Ridgeway


20. State Water Planning

– Louis Rosenberg, Nohl P. Bryant, and Cynthia Smiley

21. Groundwater Management Area Joint Planning

– Monique Norman and William R. Hutchison

22. Drought Planning and Response

– Bill Billingsley and Ross Henderson

23. Water Conservation

– Karen Guz

24. Innovative Water Technologies

– Lara Jarrett, Jorge Arroyo, Robert F. Adams, Ellen T. McDonald, Alan H. Plummer, Barney N. Austin, and Van Kelley


25. Endangered Species Act in the Texas Law of Water Resources

– Craig Douglas; update by Rebecca Barho

26. Integrating Water Quality Standards into Water Management Programs

– Janet McQuaid and Jennifer Benaman; update by Sara Burgin, Elaine Darby,

Carlos Romo, and Amber Weigl

27. Impacts of Water Quality Requirements and Water Supply Projects

-Janet McQuaid; update by Lara Jarrett and Howard S. Slobodin

28. Dredge and Fill Permits under CWA Section 404

– Janet McQuaid and Cynthia Smiley

29. Economic Perspectives on Texas Water Resources

– William E. Avera, Robert M. Avera, and Felipe Chacón

30. Financing Water Projects

– Jeffrey A. Leuschel

31. Water for a Public Purpose: Governmental Acquisition of Water Rights by Involuntary Means

– Phil Steven Kosub

32. Flood Management

– Leonard H. Dougal and Cassandra Quinn

33. Reservoirs

– Lyn Clancy, Greg Graml, and Bill Medaille

34. Energy–Water Nexus

– Jacob Arechiga, William F. Mullican III, Stuart D. Norvell, and Bane Phillippi


35. Drinking Water Supply Issues: Water Utilities—CCNs and Rates

– Leonard H. Dougal, Kenneth L. Petersen, Jr., and Cassandra Quinn

36. Water Utilities: Protection of Public Health

– Angela K. Moorman

37. Wholesale Water Suppliers

– Stephen C. Dickman

38. Local Oversight of Water Availability for Land Development

– Steve Morton and Janessa Glenn

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