Author Interview: Heather Kubiak on E-Discovery Part 2


Technology offers opportunities for simplifying your practice, but it can also lead to complications. TexasBarBooks recently caught up with the enthusiastic and technologically fluent Heather Kubiak, one of the contributing authors of Texas Perspectives on E-Discovery, and asked her some questions regarding technology and the law.  We will run it in two parts.

What technological tool do you find most valuable these days?

My iPhone is the single best tool I use in my law practice.  My office phone automatically rolls over to it when I am away from my desk, allowing me to be completely responsive to my clients.  All of my email routes to my iPhone, so even if I’m out of the office I can address and dispose of requests in my Inbox.

From a practice standpoint, Adobe Professional is the software that most efficiently handles my practice.  We have a nearly paperless office (our firm used less than one box of paper in 2012).  Any time paper comes into our office, we use a high-speed scanner.  For filing, we save everything in PDF format.  Adobe also allows us to bates-label documents, search for content, and generally organize the files.

For large cases where I have a volume of documents, I currently use “Gabriel Docs,” a proprietary document review and production platform offered by The Common Source.  It is cost-effective and as powerful as any other document databases I’ve ever used.

Do you have any suggestions for the technologically wary in the legal field? 

Don’t hesitate to consult with someone who knows about e-discovery to help you use the most current technology available.  I am always happy to help someone who has a few questions.  There are a number of vendors who are willing to help set up a case and provide advice.

Heather Kubiak is founder of the Kubiak Law Firm in Houston. She graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1998 with honors and has been named one of the Rising Stars of the Texas Super Lawyers multiple times.