Annotated Texas Family Code

Annotated Texas Family Code

  • A project of the SBOT Family Law Section and the Texas Family Law Foundation
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  • 1 volume; softbound
  • 1,302 pages
  • © 2019

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The Annotated Texas Family Code is a joint project of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas and the Texas Family Law Foundation. The contributors to this book represent some of the finest family law practitioners in Texas; many of them have served on the section’s legislative committee. They have brought their considerable experience to bear on drafting useful and insightful annotations to the Code.

The Annotated Texas Family Code, 2019 edition, includes updated annotations to reflect legislative changes from the regular session of the Eighty-sixth Legislature as well as recent case law.

The Annotated Texas Family Code Digital Download is included at no charge with purchase of the hard copy and may also be purchased separately. The digital download contains the full text of the book as a hyperlinked and fully word-searchable PDF file to allow for simple, rapid navigation to topics of interest. The digital download includes hyperlinked Texas and federal case and statutory citations so you can go straight to the case or statute you need in the free Casemaker Web Library. Additional resources in the digital download include full copies of almost two hundred TexasBarCLE articles of interest to practitioners.

The Annotated Texas Family Code has been tailored to fit the needs of Texas family law practitioners. To this end the book focuses on the portions of the Code of primary interest and usefulness in family law cases, and Titles 3 and 3A have been omitted.

The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas

The Family Law Section of the State Bar of Texas is the third-largest section, with more than 6,000 members as of 2019. The section produces quality publications to benefit its members, including the Family Lawyer’s Essential Toolkit; the Fast Guide to Family Law Checklists for Everyday Practice; the Predicates Manual, including electronic evidence predicates; and the Texas Family Law Practice Manual. The section also produces innovative and successful CLE programs in association with TexasBarCLE such as the Marriage Dissolution Course and the Advanced Family Law Course. The section’s Legislative Committee prepares a package of proposed legislation for each legislative session. Finally, the Pro Bono Committee of the section works to advance the goal of providing indigent Texans access to attorneys for their family law cases.

The Texas Family Law Foundation

The Texas Family Law Foundation is an entity separate from the Family Law Section; its mission is to improve the practice of family law in Texas. Volunteers participate in research and legislative work. The voluntary organization includes lawyers, judges, associate judges, legal assistants, court coordinators, and other professionals. The Foundation provides expert professional support for the Family Law Section’s approved activities. In addition, the Foundation provides information on the activities of the Texas legislature and how changes in the law may affect family law practitioners.


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Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 The Marriage Relationship
Chapter 3 Marital Property Rights and Liabilities
Chapter 4 Premarital and Marital Property Agreements
Chapter 5 Homestead Rights
Chapter 6 Suit for Dissolution of Marriage
Chapter 7 Award of Marital Property
Chapter 8 Maintenance
Chapter 9 Post-Decree Proceedings


Chapter 15 Collaborative Family Law Act


Chapter 31 Removal of Disabilities of Minority
Chapter 32 Consent to Treatment of Child by Non-Parent or Child
Chapter 33 Notice of and Consent to Abortion
Chapter 34 Authorization Agreement for Nonparent Adult Caregiver
Chapter 35 Temporary Authorization for Care of Minor Child
Chapter 35A Temporary Authorization for Inpatient Mental Health Services for Minor Child
Chapter 41 Liability of Parents for Conduct of Child
Chapter 42 Civil Liability for Interference with Possessory Interest in Child
Chapter 45 Change of Name
Chapter 47 General Provisions


Chapter 71 Definitions
Chapter 81 General Provisions
Chapter 82 Applying for Protective Order
Chapter 83 Temporary Ex Parte Orders
Chapter 84 Hearing
Chapter 85 Issuance of Protective Order
Chapter 86 Law Enforcement Duties Relating to Protective Orders
Chapter 87 Modification of Protective Orders
Chapter 88 Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Protective Orders Act
Chapter 91 Reporting Family Violence
Chapter 92 Immunity
Chapter 93 Confidential and Privileged Communications


Chapter 101 Definitions
Chapter 102 Filing Suit
Chapter 103 Venue and Transfer of Original Proceedings
Chapter 104 Evidence
Chapter 105 Settings, Hearings, and Orders
Chapter 106 Costs and Attorney’s Fees
Chapter 107 Special Appointments, Child Custody Evaluations, and Adoption Evaluations
Chapter 108 Central Record File; Vital Statistics
Chapter 109 Appeals
Chapter 110 Court Fees
Chapter 111 Guidelines for Possession and Child Support
Chapter 151 Rights and Duties in Parent-Child Relationship
Chapter 152 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
Chapter 153 Conservatorship, Possession, and Access
Chapter 154 Child Support
Chapter 155 Continuing, Exclusive Jurisdiction; Transfer
Chapter 156 Modification
Chapter 157 Enforcement
Chapter 158 Withholding from Earnings for Child Support
Chapter 159 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Chapter 160 Uniform Parentage Act
Chapter 161 Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship
Chapter 162 Adoption
Chapter 201 Associate Judge
Chapter 202 Friend of the Court
Chapter 203 Domestic Relations Offices
Chapter 204 Child Support Collection by Private Entity
Chapter 231 Title IV-D Services
Chapter 232 Suspension of License
Chapter 233 Child Support Review Process to Establish or Enforce Support Obligations
Chapter 234 State Case Registry, Disbursement Unit, and Directory of New Hires
Chapter 261 Investigation of Report of Child Abuse or Neglect
Chapter 262 Procedures in Suit by Governmental Entity to Protect Health and Safety of Child
Chapter 263 Review of Placement of Children Under Care of Department of Family and Protective Services
Chapter 264 Child Welfare Services
Chapter 265 Prevention and Early Intervention Services
Chapter 266 Medical Care and Educational Services for Children in Conservatorship of Department of Family and Protective Services


Article 1 Bill of Rights (Selected Sections)
Article 16 General Provisions (Selected Sections)


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