Amended Admonitory Instructions for Texas Pattern Jury Charges Civil Series

Texas Pattern Jury ChargesThe Supreme Court of Texas amended the admonitory instructions prescribed by Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 226a, effective April 1, 2011. Texas Pattern Jury Charges—Family & Probate, 2012 edition, includes these amended instructions, as will the 2012 editions of the other three civil volumes of the Texas Pattern Jury Charges series as they are published later this year.

In the interim, RTF files of the amended admonitory instructions may be downloaded here.

Each RTF file included in the download is named for the suffix part of the PJC number and an abbreviation of the PJC title. For example, the file named “2_after_jury_selection.rtf” corresponds to PJC numbers 1.2 (for Texas Pattern Jury Charges—General Negligence & Intentional Personal Torts), 40.2 (for Texas Pattern Jury Charges—Malpractice, Premises & Products), and 100.2 (for Texas Pattern Jury Charges—Business, Consumer, Insurance & Employment).

Also included is a file named “1_before_voir_dire_COMMENT.rtf,” which is a Comment on the use of PJC 1.

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