Q: How can I copy multiple portions of content from different areas of my Word document and paste them to one place in the document, or to a new document, easily and quickly?

A: To handle this task using copy-and-paste or cut-and-paste requires that you navigate to the first location in your document that contains content you want to relocate, copy that content, navigate back to the content’s destination, paste it, and repeat the whole process for each additional portion of content to be moved. That’s a lot of work. And if the copied content has more than one destination, the process becomes even more time-consuming and tedious.

The Spike is your solution. This evocatively named feature of Word lets you gather noncontiguous snippets of text and images in your document and paste that content as a whole into another location in the same document or a new one.

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Is there a way to recreate variations of frequently-used documents without having to start from scratch?  Especially those with special formatting?  If creating a new blank document is your usual go-to, it’s worth taking a look at the templates Microsoft Word includes.  From business letters to lists, calendars, and more, using an existing template can help you avoid formatting struggles and can give you a polished-looking end product.  Even better, you can create your own templates.  You’ll be able to use saved templates to make your material look great, and it’s especially useful for duplicating those documents you make frequently.

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Free Excerpt: Special Supplement to Texas Criminal PJC—Intoxication, 2019 Edition

December 2, 2019

Updated pages for the Texas Criminal Pattern Jury Charges—Intoxication, Controlled Substance & Public Order Offenses, 2019 edition, will be mailed to current owners by early December 2019. The special supplement consists of revisions made necessary by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals opinion Beltran De La Torre v. State and by the 2019 addition of Tex. […]

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New edition of the Annotated Texas Family Code 2019

October 15, 2019

TexasBarBooks is pleased to present the new 2019 edition of Annotated Texas Family Code. This edition clearly indicates the legislative changes from the regular session of the Eighty-sixth Legislature and includes updated annotations to reflect recent case law. Full copies of over one hundred and fifty TexasBarCLE articles can be accessed in the digital version […]

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Volunteer Author Highlights: Boston Encourages Lawyers to Learn From Churchill’s Communication Methods

September 10, 2019

In his article “The Power of Words,” author and attorney Talmage Boston describes the methods for effective public speaking used by Churchill and encourages lawyers to incorporate them into their own presentations. Key components in Churchill’s speech-composition and speaking method include his “scaffolding of rhetoric,” the importance of resolute honesty, and the need to inspire, […]

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Volunteer Author Highlights: Hall Offers Tips For Surviving Family Members

August 7, 2019

TexasBarBooks volunteer authors become so by being proven leaders in their area of practice. In this series, we highlight their legal contributions beyond the expertise they lend to our practice materials. In his article “Checklist for Family Survivors”  Russell W. Hall provides information for families dealing with the death of a loved one. To alleviate […]

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TexasBarBooks Online Receives Technology Award

August 6, 2019

TexasBarBooks Online received the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA) Award of Outstanding Achievement in the Technology category for the Texas Probate System Online. ACLEA is a professional organization for continuing legal education providers, including publications. Members represent more than 300 such organizations from around the world. ACLEA’s Best Awards are issued each year in […]

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NEW Texas Probate Hearing Reference Card

July 14, 2019

TexasBarBooks is pleased to announce the new Texas Probate Hearing Reference Card for uncontested probate hearings. Use the card to plan your entire hearing, including what to do before, during, and after your court appearance. Click here to learn more about this product.     See Pricing and Purchase Now

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Attorneys Swim with Sharks at the Inaugural TOJI Pitch Event

July 9, 2019

On the TV reality show Shark Tank, contestants present business models to industry giants (“Sharks”) in hopes of obtaining investment support. The Sharks present at the Texas Law Center on June 21 heard business pitches from the participating attorneys of the Texas Opportunity and Justice Incubator in an event inspired by the television show, with […]

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Your Texas Divorce: Mediation or Collaborative Law?

June 6, 2019

By Kim M. Munsinger Many couples are looking for a civilized way to divorce so they can sit down and talk it out. They don’t want a courthouse battle where everyone gets hurt and the clients can’t communicate with each other. Often, the first alternative to the courthouse fight that comes to mind is mediation. […]

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