The Texas Probate System Online does the thinking, so you don’t have to!

–Russell W. Hall, Editor and Project Director

The Texas Probate System has become the cornerstone of many a probate law practice. From the initial contact with a client to the closing of the estate, this System provides a step-by-step guide to the efficient handling of a decedent’s estate. Texas Probate System Online contains the same great content as the print and digital formats in the form of a subscription website.

It also unveils TexasBarBooks’ new excel Probate Workbook (to be released with all future versions), the Probate Pathfinder wizard, and a Probate Essentials page that contains bundles of documents curated by the Probate System’s author committee.

“In planning this product, we strived two principles: easy access and simplified use,” said project manager Conor Jensen. “Most important, the exceptional Probate System content is now accessible at all times, on any device that can access the Internet. The built-in features were designed to both enhance use of the content and allow the user to work through their tasks in multiple sessions with local browser storage, a bookmarking tool, and even the ability to add notes to those bookmarks. We also leverage downloadable and completely editable materials to give users full control over their content and allow them to integrate their downloaded files into their existing client file storage system.”

Read more about the Texas Probate System online here. When you sign up, use the code START4FREE and we’ll give you a complimentary first month!

On February 28, the Texas Supreme Court issued an order to amend comment language in the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. The language recognizes the requirement for technical competency in Texas attorneys, in light of the increasing dependency on technology in attorney-client relations.

The order is in part based on a Joint Resolution drafted by the CLE-PDP committee of the State Bar in April of 2018, which was edited by esteemed Judge Xavier Rodriguez, also a volunteer author for TexasBarBooks.

According to Judge Rodriguez, “Lawyers need to understand how their clients’ data may be compromised; litigators need to appreciate where relevant data may exist, implement litigation holds, and appreciate the costs and benefits of preserving and producing this data. Data privacy laws are now in effect overseas, and many states are legislating in this area. This amendment to Rule 1.01, comment 8, recognizes these challenges now facing practitioners.”

Thank you to Judge Rodriguez and everyone else involved for advancing the important matter of technical competency in Texas attorneys!

Grammar Tip: Should I Put Commas around a Title?

February 19, 2019

Let our own editor, Roger Siebert, guide you on whether you need commas around a book title! If you find yourself wondering whether you should put commas around a word or phrase that restates another noun, such as the book title in the sentence “The novel Carrie was published in 1974,” ask yourself if the […]

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New Edition of Texas Pattern Jury Charges – Oil & Gas

February 12, 2019

While the State Bar’s Oil and Gas Pattern Jury Charge committee is relatively new, it builds on many years of experience and dedicated effort put in by the State Bar’s Oil Gas and Energy Resources Law Section. Picking up where the Section left off, the PJC Committee has put in countless hours to make this […]

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New Edition of Texas Pattern Jury Charges – Business, Consumer, Insurance & Employment

February 12, 2019

The Texas Pattern Jury Charges–Business, Consumer, Insurance & Employment committee brings together a diverse group of attorneys and judges from throughout Texas who thoughtfully consider critical issues from all perspectives. They are thorough and precise in their efforts, striving to provide a comprehensive and accurate guide for practitioners. The Bar is extremely grateful for the […]

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New Edition of Texas Pattern Jury Charges – Malpractice, Premises and Products Now Available

January 17, 2019

TexasBarBooks is proud to present the new 2018 edition of Texas Pattern Jury Charges—Malpractice, Premises & Products. The volume continues to serve as the indispensable resource for Texas practitioners of medical malpractice, nonmedical professional malpractice, premises liability, and products liability law. The new 2018 edition contains many additions and helpful revisions, including new charges and […]

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New Edition of Texas Pattern Jury Charges—General Negligence, Intentional Personal Torts & Workers’ Compensation

January 11, 2019

TexasBarBooks recently published the 2018 edition of Texas Pattern Jury Charges—General Negligence, Intentional Personal Torts & Workers’ Compensation. According to publications attorney Vickie Tatum, “the Committee believes that the ‘Green Book’ is essential for anyone who wants to ‘get it right’ when submitting a charge in a negligence, intentional tort, or workers’ comp case.” Click […]

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Volunteer Author Highlights: Judge Dan Downey Addresses the Texas Shuffle

December 13, 2018

TexasBarBooks volunteer authors become so by being proven leaders in their areas of practice. In this series, we highlight their legal contributions beyond the expertise they lend to our practice materials. Known also as “The Texas Shuffle,” Rule 223 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure allows for either side of a civil or criminal […]

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PROPOSED CHANGES: Texas Pattern Jury Charges—Oil & Gas

November 29, 2018

Draft language for the 2018 edition of Texas Pattern Jury Charges—Oil & Gas is now available. Load the PDF in your browser by clicking the download button below. The committee that works on this edition strives for objective, well-drafted charges and commentary that accurately reflect Texas law. Your feedback will help the committee achieve that […]

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Lady Lawyer Diaries: Support for Women in Law

November 14, 2018

Looking for a forum to discuss the experiences of women in the legal profession? The State Bar of Texas recently released a podcast discussing a refreshing and inspirational resource that we highly recommend. In an interview with Kendyl Hanks and Kristen Vander-Plas, State Bar of Texas Podcast host Rocky Dhir explores their founding of Twitter […]

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